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20th anniversary of the WE SPEAK MURAL PROJECT 1992—2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WE SPEAK MURAL seen by over 1000 people in the Columbia River Gorge exhibition!

Columbia Gorge Community College Instructional coordinator, Susan Lewis, organizer-extraordinaire of the CGCC Spring Humanities Series, was inspired by the WE SPEAK mural project to theme this year's series VOICES LESS HEARD. Susan made this table top mini mural for the Wednesday April l8 presentation at the Columbia Center for the Arts. Since the actual mural paintings are on display at 8 venues through the gorge from The Dalles to Hood River and White Salmon, the mini mural is a great representation of what WE SPEAK looks like when displayed hinged together.

Ms. Lewis estimates that between 1000 and 2000 people are seeing the mural: from 10 Speed Coffee Company in Hood River, to Hood River Bagel Company, and Columbia Gorge Community College in Hood River and The Dalles, to the Dalles Art Center, and the Dalles-Wasco Public Library, all the way to White Salmon Valley Community Library, and Skyline Hospital.

here's Charlotte Lewis' beautiful panel at Hood River's 10 Speed Coffee Company looking stunning on a green wall:

Lorenzo Güel's Quetzal end panels are viewed in the White Salmon public library:

Both of these artists are deceased as are mural artists Clayborn Standingelk, Edle Standingelk, but their ideas, creativity, and inspiration lives on through their powerful artwork. 

The murals seen in person, have a strong impact: each is accompanied by the artist statement found below, and as reported by one of the college administrators who was at the presentation, the effect of seeing the panels in person was quite profound for both teachers, administrators, and students.

There's one week left to view the murals in the Gorge, so here's hoping you can get there to see them in person and to be inspired to speak your truth at this crucial time in history, when racism, poverty, civil rights, and freedoms continue to be challenging for our society and world. May creativity, peace, and truth prevail.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

kboo radio interview on WE SPEAK aired april 17, 2012

just received a link to the 30 minute radio interview done earlier this week on KBOO's ART FOCUS program on the WE SPEAK mural project 20th anniversary by Kathleen Stephenson with artists Linda Dalal Sawaya, Carol Matsuyoshi, and Seidel Standingelk.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WE SPEAK MURAL ARTIST'S STATEMENTS 1992 & April 18th presentation in the Columbia River Gorge

Fourteen murals and two end panels for a portable mural project called WE SPEAK painted in 1992 are on exhibition for the 20th anniversary since they were first exhibited in the Columbia River Gorge as a part of Columbia Gorge Community College's SPRING HUMANITIES SERIES: VOICES LESS HEARD

The artist statements shown here were adapted from the out-of-print booklet published in 1992, as well as some quotes from a video done of the mural project. The video will be posted on this blog in the near future. 

There are 8 venues for the murals to be viewed in person in The Dalles, Hood River, and White Salmon through April 30. Please see the map on this blog for details.

On April 18, artists Seidel Standing Elk and Linda Dalal Sawaya will be making a presentation with one of the ALANA mural organizers, Elizabeth Perry, at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River about the relevance of the mural at the time it was done and reflecting on the relevance it has today in a post September 11 and "post racism" world.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012